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  1. 700 years at the castle
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Welcome to the Ingilby family history pages, published to celebrate 700 years of the Ingilbys living at Ripley Castle.Castle from Top Bridge For any family to occupy the same house for 700 years is truly remarkable. All those letters, deeds and documents that tend to get lost, damaged or thrown away when you move from one house to another have survived, and given us a unique record of the family’s history, their births, marriages and deaths, their trials and their tribulations, during the course of the last seven centuries. I have attached a brief summary of the family’s highs and lows over the last 700 years: it’s not by any means complete, but it will give you some indication how the family survived, despite plagues, civil wars, attempts at regicide, religious and political conspiracies, broken marriages, inept heirs and, yes, numerous periods of dire economic hardship! If you want to learn much more about the history of the family and the castle, please contact us to purchase a copy of the illustrated Ripley Castle Guide Book, due to be published in March 2009.

At some time shortly after 1914 the family commissioned John Foster to produce a history of the family and record the family trees of not just the Ingilby family, but additionally those of many of the families who had become related to the Ingilby family by marriage over the years. The book is beautifully handwritten, and the illuminations and illustrations of heraldic shields and achievements of arms are a thing of rare beauty. Although the contents are out of date in many respects because our research has brought us so much more information since the book was written, we have reproduced it here in full, warts and all: there are some inaccuracies, but it would have been wrong to spoil this magnificent work of art by attempting to correct them. We are extremely grateful to Michael Shepherd for the many hours that he spent transposing this weighty tome into digital format, and for the considerable volume of research that he conducted to help us fill in some of the gaps.

We hope that the family trees will be particularly useful to all those conducting their own research: all we ask is that if you can add anything that makes these trees more accurate, fills in any gaps in our knowledge or brings the work more up to date, please send us the information so that we can assist other researchers. The Ingilby Archives are the property of the West Yorkshire Archive Service in Leeds, and they deserve everyone’s gratitude for keeping the documents in such fine condition, for our benefit today and for our successor’s benefit in future years. The thousands of documents have been meticulously catalogued, and are listed here for your benefit: for further information about the West Yorkshire Archive Service or how to find out more about any of the documents, see You can also skip straight to the Ingilby section of the Archives by visiting this page.


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